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At-Home Sunless Tanning Product

tips & tricks 



Always start with clean skin. No products on your skin -like lotion, freshly shaven (if the areas you're applying to are areas you shave.) Apply a small amount of lotion (any kind) to the dry parts of your body (knees, elbows, hands + feet) to help prevent those "drier" areas from soaking up the product more and causing darker areas. 


Put on your sunless mitt, pump 2 pumps of the mousse on to your mitt. Apply in circular motion as you would lotion. Hint: Use a mirror, to check out your application to ensure you have covered all areas. You will have immediate color, your color will continue to develop for the next 24 hrs., your true color will last 5-7 days. Touch up and re-apply as necessary. 

*NO water, sweat or anything on your skin for a minimum of 1 hour. (try waiting 4-6 hours for best results.)

*Don't scrub your skin until you're ready for your tan to be removed. 


Want darker results? Wait a few minutes, apply another coat. 1coat = Light, 2 coats Medium, 3 Coats = Dark




I LOVE the immediate color it gives, I like to apply it before going somewhere for an extra bronze. It's perfect to use alone or add to a current spray tan to touch up fading color or customize areas you want darker. 


Can be used on your face, apply using a beauty sponge or something similar. 


Enjoy your beautiful bronze skin!

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