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Women of Impact: Yahi Krahmer

Mom, wife, accountant

I'm the owner/founder of AccountHer, a Tax & accounting business geared towards women-owned businesses. Our main goal is to provide high-level support & resources so women can grow & scale their businesses without overwhelm or confusion. In addition, I'm a wife and mother to a 4-year-old boy. Traveling, hiking, and photography are some of my favorite hobbies.

Can you briefly walk us through your story to becoming the woman you are today... *

Being a daughter of immigrant parents, and seeing them work so hard to provide for our family really shaped the woman I am today. Their hard work & perseverance shaped my views and outlook on life. It taught me that hard work and strong work ethics works! This is how I was able to put myself through college and eventually build my own business from the ground up.

What is the most impactful experience that has shaped who you are today? *

Becoming a mother definitely changed me in more ways than any other experience so far! It has strengthened my tenacity and sense of purpose in this world.

Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way? *

Def, not a smooth road! Being a woman, and one of color in a male-dominated industry- I always have to prove my abilities far more than my male counterparts. It has definitely tested my resilience & inner strength. I have been able to overcome it by cultivating a positive mindset about myself and having a great support system around me.

What's something that you're currently doing or working on that excites you or you're most proud of? *

I'm currently working on the rebrand of my business- super excited to launch it in 2021!

How does what you're currently doing now impact you? *

The work that I do with women and their success brings a lot of fulfillment & purpose to my life.

What advice would you give to fellow women trying to make an impact? *

To quiet down the outside noise and listen more to that inner voice- it's there for a reason! To believe more in yourself and your capabilities as a woman. Everyone has a gift, it's up to us to polish it and share it with the world.

How do you create "balance" in your life with all you do? *

Having firm boundaries with clients and adding "me time" in my schedule, has helped me create a 'balanced' life.

We as women have many superpowers, what is one of yours? *

My ability to understand & connect with people on a deeper level in a short amount of time.

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