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Women of Impact: Jazmin Johnson

Fit Mom, Entrepreneur, Doctors Wife

Hey, I’m Jazmin Johnson a lover of life who strives to be my best. I’m a mother, a wife, a tv personality, &a new entrepreneur.  I own a luxury concierge (LS The Lifestyle) & a fitness company JazzzyFit. I’m very driven & I believe in living life to the fullest. I can be selfless at times, I’m a natural caretaker I love making people happy. Entrepreneurship came naturally to me, as I’m very creative & independent. 

I was an athlete when I was younger throughout school but I lost that routine once I went to college. Fitness became apart of my life when I met my husband who was very into fitness. Initially, I was overwhelmed by it, I like to be good at what I do but it such a lifestyle adjustment it took a while for me to get the hang of it. Once I incorporated fitness into my everyday life I became addicted to it, it really helped me mentally & is a stress reliever for me.

Can you briefly walk us through your story to becoming the woman you are today... *

My name stands for flower in Farsi, it’s pronounced Yasameen. From a young age, I have always been very happy, & carried a special light (so my parents say). I managed to maintain that purity. I’m a child of God & I truly follow my heart with everything in life. I’m very honest & driven. Though I went through stages of losing my sense of self I’ve managed to always make my way back to the root of my purpose which is to help people. Whether it be in hospitality, fitness, or life in general.

What is the most impactful experience that has shaped who you are today? *

The most impactful experience I’ve had is witnessing my late grandmother practically make Fatburger what it is today. I would go to work with her a lot & visit my late Aunt Lovie who was the creator and owner. I watched my grandmother be the boss. Have a routine, maintain bookkeeping the old school way, go in every day and make her rounds, go to the bank pick up the money & drop it off at the close of the day. Open the place, clean the place, serve everyone, talk to the employees. Vivid memories of the work she put in, & then go home give us all her love. She was strong but soft.

Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way? *

Believing in myself. Being on reality Tv made it clear that you’ll never be able to control other people's opinion of you & everyone will always have something to say. You have to know who you are. When you allow other people to tell you who you are, you don’t know who you are. So I had to take time to unlearn the trauma of being bullied when I was younger, & learn what it meant to truly love yourself.

What's something that you're currently doing or working on that excites you or you're most proud of? *

I’m currently building. I’m in the beginning stages of building my fitness career. It’s exciting & challenging because I’m figuring out what offers to create & how to create them. Some people hand this over to a team for them to do, but it was important for me to take the time to do this myself. It’s important to be in touch with what people want & how to deliver it. It’s what I call a "super-skill” it’s not easy. I’m excited by the challenge, I don’t give up.

How does what you're currently doing now impact you?  *

What I’m doing now is impacting me in every way. When I set out to do something it becomes my life. At times I get discouraged because fitness is so saturated & I’m still in the beginning stages. But God is leading me, & I trust him.

What advice would you give to fellow women trying to make an impact? *

Create a solution to a problem you know you can fix. Be the best at it, focus all your energy around it. Live it, breathe it, eat it. Don’t look at the numbers whether it’s followers, income, or losses. It going to challenging, discouraging, overwhelming. Always think worst-case scenario.

How do you create "balance" in your life with all you do? *

Balance had been my weakest strength until COVID hit. Once COVID hit, the racial injustice we faced, the losses we experienced ... I knew I had to get a grip & truly live purposefully every single day. I make it a point to educate myself on mental illnesses such as anxiety. I follow psychiatrist & psychologist that give tips. I take deep breaths seriously, I have less guilt when making time to do things for myself, & I stopped comparing myself to others. I spend time still, just sitting still to figure out what I need to help me relax. Most importantly I pray, God, guides me.

We as women have many superpowers, what is one of yours? *

My superpower is my connection to my younger self. Maintaining a sense of childlike perspective is key because it keeps you dreaming. Once you become an adult you adopt the stress life throws at you, it can overwhelm you & strip you of that ability to dream, sustain hope, & that innocence. Children are special because they imagine life the way they want it to be, they dream, they don’t set limits. As a woman & all the responsibilities, we carry it’s easy to lose that.

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