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Woman of Impact: Izabella Levey

International Business Mentor, Speaker & Podcast Host

Who are you, what do you do, let us get to know you a little...

Izabella fell in love with her childhood sweetheart, Kenji Gorre at the age of 12. Back then, he played for one of the biggest football clubs in the world, so it’s safe to say that he was the one who was shining. Izabella did her best to fit in, but it wasn’t long before she realized she deserved better than settling to support someone else’s success. She craved her own type of success — one that came with income, impact, and influence. So she set up her online coaching business and within her first year grew from zero to quarter of a million at age 22, and hasn't slowed down since. Today Izabella supports partners of pro-athletes, entertainers & businessmen to step out of their man's shadows and into their own success through entrepreneurship.

Describe your journey to becoming the woman you are today... How did you get to where you are today?

I grew up in a wealthy family. I was exposed to the luxuries of life at an earlier age until one day all that changed when my dad was sentenced to 10 years in maximum acuity prison. We went from having everything to nothing. I saw that without a man we had nothing. I started to see how society had surpassed women to make them feel that they need a man. How women were made to feel less than, less important, less capable, less significant, less of a priority. I knew that I was more than… more than enough, more than important. From then on I committed to being financially and emotionally independent. I knew it was up to me to break this family chain. I completed my education with a degree in psychology and moved in with my childhood sweetheart, now fiancé Kenji Gorre at the age of 21. He played professional football and let’s just say a “working wag” was not normal. But neither was I… I knew I was meant for more than settling to just support someone else’s success. I craved my own type of success — one that came with purpose, fulfillment, and of course, financial independence. I re-committed to the promise I had made myself and took matters into my own hands, set up my online business coaching, and grew from zero to a quarter of a million within my first year. You heard the saying that God has a favour on your life? This is what I put my success down to. Don’t get me wrong I put in the internal and external work. From then on everything changed, I became obsessed with personal development, business strategy, and women empowerment. I was in complete control of my own life and wanted to show how others how to do the same. Today I support women with successful partners to step out of their man's shadow and into their own success.

What was a big challenge you had to overcome and how did you do it?

When I was growing up I experience a lot of dangerous and difficult situations form armed robberies to being stalked to my dad going to prison. I was always told that I was not clever enough and worked 3 times harder than everyone else to get the same results. I knew that God had another plan for me and all my challenges were worth it as I learned so much in the process and has shaped me into the person I am today. I overcame the challenges by educating myself on the mind and understanding who it all worked. From there I started to implement my learnings and program my mind for success... and still continue to do until this day.

What are you currently doing now that excites you and is making an impact?

- I am a Business Mentor who coaches women of successful partners to step into their own success through entrepreneurship. I do this by taking them through a 12 step process to start and scale their business. When I hear my clients say "I DID IT" is the best possible feeling.

- My partner & I are also co-founders of "On The Ball" which is a platform that provides the mindset and personal development for professional athletes to be their best on and off the pitch through podcasts and coaching programs.

- I am also working on aligning with a human trafficking organization in the near future which I am looking forward to stepping into.

How does what you're currently doing now impact you?

Oh wow, in every single way. I am able to be, do & have whatever I desire to create. I live with pure freedom and that's what life is supposed to be about. From this place, I am able to make an impact on the lives of others which fulfills me the most. I am here to create change and I will continue to do so.

How do you create "balance" in your life with all you do?

I don't haha ;) There are different seasons for everything in your life. There are gonna be times where you’re going to need to be going all in, and there will be time to take time to chill. Life doesn't work that way, to create a perfectly balanced life every single day. What's most important for me is to set my goals for all areas of life and then work towards them all, not just one area (they just may be happening at different times).

What advice would you give to fellow women trying to make an impact?

Believe in yourself. You can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Don't allow anyone to tell you what is and is not possible. You create your own possibilities in life. Tap into the power that lies within you and go ALL IN.

Be unapologetic about who you are. God created you with your own special recipes of success which includes your personality, beliefs, experience & expertise. Please share it with the world, I know it tastes way too good to keep it all to yourself. Speak your truth IN LOVE.

Use your voice, don't be afraid to share your perspective but always do it from a place of love. Hold yourself to your highest standards and set an example for others to do the same.

We as women have many superpowers, what is one of yours?

Transformation - I believe that being able to facilitate women tapping into their past, healing & releasing what no longer serves them, and cultivating a new version of them where they are able to create their own dream life - one that comes with a whole lot of income, impact, and influence.

Connect with Izabella on Instagram @izabellalevey

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