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Woman of Impact: Alexis K. Ayala

Mom, Wife, Business owner

My name is Alexis Ayala and I am the owner of Alexis K in Solana Beach.  Alexis K is a high end beauty studio specializing in Brows and Skincare.  I trained under Anatasia of Beverly Hills over 20 years ago gaining a large and longtime clientele. I am married to my wonderful husband, Armando.  We have been together for 19 years. I have two stepdkids who I adore and two littles at home.

How did you get to where you are? *

I grew up in San Diego and had a decent childhood. In my teen years, our family went through some very trying times and those experiences pushed me to figure things out on my own. It was a very difficult period in my life,  but probably one of the best things that could have happened hindsight as it made me so strong and gave me confidence knowing I could handle most anything thrown my way.  I have always had a strong work ethic.  I started my own business in my garage and now own a well known beauty studio in beautiful Solana Beach.

What is the most impactful experience that has shaped who you are today? *

I would say finding my husband who made me feel like I was at "home" and was loved unconditionally.  The support he gave me and the confidence he had in me really gave me the support I had always been looking for and helped me to push further to accomplishing my dreams and goals.  He helped me get past the fear of success.

Has it been a smooth road? What were some of the struggles along the way or what was a big challenge you had to overcome and how did you do it? *

There have been MANY struggles along the way which I think is the spirit of true entrepreneurship.  There have been times I didn't know how I was going to be able to do it all.  I have many titles and the struggle to do them all well has been VERY challenging.  I am a mother, wife, business owner, esthetician and manager.  Each day I have to choose where my time goes and nothing ever gets 100 percent.  THAT is the hardest part because I like to give 100 to everything I do!

What's something that you're currently doing or working on that excites you or you're most proud of? *

Currently restructuring my business since there has been SO many changes due to the pandemic and us being close most of the year.  I am a fighter and will not give up!  I am working hard at adapting to all of the changes with a positive attitude and I am proud of how we have pushed through this crazy time.  I know it my heart we will become bigger and better than ever!

How does what you're currently doing now impact you?  *

I am doing more now that I ever have because I no longer have the help I had before the pandemic.  I am overwhelmed and have to remind myself to breathe.  Giving myself grace knowing it won't always be this way.  You have to adapt to each situation and assess what you can handle mentally.

What advice would you give to fellow women trying to make an impact? *

FOLLOW your gut!  Your intuition is everything.  Try to find the silver linings in every mishap.  Stay positive. What you put out there will always come back, so leave the negativity at the door.  Surround yourself around people that live and think in a similar way.  "You are who your friends are" couldn't be further from the truth.

How do you create "balance" in your life with all you do? *

I write EVERYTHING down and I weigh out the most important things that need to be done daily. I rarely get to them all, but my list is sorted out and I start it over again the next day.  I think knowing "the list" will never end can be daunting, but acknowleging you are doing the best you can will give you peace of mind.  I ALWAYS make sure there is enough time for my family.  They come first. I would say "me time" is a little lacking right now considering the circumstances, but usually make that more of a priority.

We as women have many superpowers, what is one of yours? *

I would say to make others feel good and taken care of! 

Connect with Alexis on Instagram and check out Alexis K. beauty studio

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