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Why Podcasts are the easiest way to add to your growth TODAY

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

This past year I fell in love with Podcasts. Let me start by saying hats off to all my peeps who can listen to audiobooks - I’ve tried a million times and wasn’t able to get with it. Then along came podcasts that stole my heart and have been the most simple way to add personal development into my daily life while doing my everyday things. Can it get any better?! I spend quite a bit of my time driving so most of my podcasts are listened to in the car. However, I looked for any and every other activity that I do that I could add more podcasts too, to help pass the time. So now, you can guarantee I’m listening to podcasts while getting my nails done, cleaning, grocery shopping, and putting away laundry. (and when we get to travel again, podcasts will help easily pass any travel time) The ease of listening to podcasts any and everywhere while simply doing other tasks has been life-changing. You’re telling me I can get my nails done while listening to a podcast and walk out a better human with pretty nails and toes?! HECK YES! Game changer.

There are endless types of podcasts you can listen to, even shows or fictional podcasts. I prefer to choose ones that feature information that is going to add to developing myself personally and professionally. This way I’m able to add personal development time into my daily routine even on the busiest and craziest of days. It’s a great way to start your day to get you in the right mindset, take your mind off something that may be weighing you down or help get you motivated and ready to make the most of your day. The focus and power you feel in addition to the knowledge you can gain from adding this into your daily routine, most likely while you’re doing another activity are endless.

If you’re an Apple user your iPhone comes preloaded with Apple Podcasts, Spotify is also a great platform that houses podcasts. Whichever platform you choose, begin by searching people or topics that interest you and hit play - that easy.

The more you listen to the more you will find what you’re into or find podcasts hosts that you enjoy and your library will naturally start to grow. They range in length but I usually take a look through titles and start with the one that resonates with me on that day. I have a few go to’s but I’m always looking for new podcasts to add to my library, so let me know your favorites!

If you haven’t listened to a podcast yet, make today the day. Dive in - once you start, you will feel the power of the knowledge you’re gaining and you’ll keep going. Check out my go-to podcasts here, and don’t forget to share any recommendations you may have.

Ready, set, GROW!

My current podcasts on repeat - in no particular order

For my leaders out there:

You've Got The Power! xo

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