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Imperfection is Power - 4 ways to let go of Perfectionism.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Can I share a secret with you? I’ve struggled with “perfectionism” for years. I used to believe my life needed to be perfect in order for it to be great. I struggled with thinking that if my life wasn’t perfect then that meant I was a failure. Well, 3 kids, 4 businesses and leaving a bad relationship to find the one I was meant for, I have finally been able to look at all the “imperfections” of my life and smile, because I know one thing is for sure - without all of my battle scars, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

Perfectionism is all about the stories we tell ourselves regarding what and how we should be.

Did you know that letting go of perfection might be the best thing for you and your happiness? Although it’s still something I struggle with, letting go was my first step - knowing that I’m not perfect, my life will never be perfect, so expecting perfection from myself was just downright silly. Today I’m sharing some of my “aha” moments that have helped me work to let go of perfection.

You’re going to make mistakes: So don’t beat yourself up when you do. Can you believe that I used to think that it was possible to reach for a life that was ‘mistake-free?!’ I know, crazy! Instead of beating yourself up for a mistake, remember we are human after all and quite frankly mistakes are inevitable. Transition your thinking to not only expect mistakes but view them as “normal” and a vital part of our growing process. Think back to a mistake you may have made, now think about what it taught you and the value it has brought to your life, without that mistake you wouldn’t have learned those lessons and experienced growth as a result. I find, I now admit my mistakes more freely, it has helped me to acknowledge and be proud that I am indeed not perfect, however you bet that I am going to reflect to see what lessons and improvements can be taken from the mistake, which then turns into growth - so it’s all worth it right?!

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing: Life is full of peaks and valleys, but remember for every valley there will be a peak. Instead of staying “stuck” in a valley or seeing the flaws within, realize that these tough times and flaws are what make you unique and amazing! Focus and find gratitude for what you love about yourself and what is good in your life. Every day, think about a daily personal success and something that made you happy, the more you reflect on the good, the more you will realize how amazing things actually are. After accepting that I’m far from perfect, I’ve finally realized that my imperfection is actually the best part about me, after all without it, I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today equipped with the incredible life lessons that I would have never learned otherwise.

Strive for CONSISTENCY over Perfection: We all know consistency is key when it comes to long term success. However, consistency does not mean being perfect or even hitting the mark every single day. It does mean showing up, even when it’s hard. There will be periods of time where things aren’t going right or you may not be feeling your best but consistency over a long period of time is what counts and what is going to help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Just go for it: Procrastination can be a sure sign that you’re stuck in a perfectionist mindset. The next time you find yourself putting something off that you know is important, ask yourself: “Am I avoiding this because of my expectation of perfect?” The key is always simple, do something - anything to get you started, anything is better than nothing and once you get started you’ll feel better, which should be the gas you need to keep you going.

So here’s to our amazing imperfect selves! We may not be perfect, but we do have the power to overcome these roadblocks that may be holding us back from what we want most in life. Imperfect is power and the more power you find in yourself from all the imperfections you have, and the mistakes you have made, the more you will fall in love with your journey and yourself.

You’ve got the power! xo

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