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8 Keys To Never Giving Up

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

My biggest lessons came from my biggest challenges, my greatest life lessons came when I was knocked down the hardest. In those moments I had to decide if I was going to rise up or let my circumstances take me down with them. These are some of the keys I use to keep pushing when it gets hard.

1. Find a Different “How

Refusing to give up doesn’t mean that you should simply keep doing the same thing over and over again. If the approach that you’re currently using isn’t working, try a different approach. Continue in this way until you find a method, technique, or strategy that does work.

I was determined to become the best, and I knew that meant that I needed to make changes and switch up my strategy. I read books, attended conferences, workshops, trade shows. I not only wanted to learn and grow in my industry I wanted to grow as a business owner, a leader - I challenged what I was capable of, I pushed myself and I was ready and willing to master it. I was a problem solver, I began to think outside of the box, try new things, do it different than what was considered the norm, all in an effort to tap into my highest potential.

2. Change your thinking to an “I Won’t Quit” Mindset

  • I don’t quit when things get tough.

  • I will either find a way or make one.

  • Every problem has a solution, and I have the perfect ability to find it.

  • Every day I gain more knowledge and insight about what works and what doesn’t, which means I’m getting stronger and wiser.

  • Setbacks are temporary.

  • I will find a way through this.

  • Think! What’s the best thing to do now?

3. Set Goals + Celebrate success

Short-term goals are like milestones along the road to more long-term goals. Your goals for the near future will help you to see progress, keeping you on track to a more distant end. Recognize and celebrate your successes - even the small ones. Celebrations will keep you motivated and give you something to anticipate.

For a time, I would set goals and attach it to something fun, to mix it up and add extra motivation. For instance, maybe one month I would set a goal and if I accomplished the goal I could get the new pair of shoes I had my eye on. Keeping it new, keeping it exciting and celebrating little successes even when you may feel there is nothing to celebrate, will keep you motivated and focused to keep going.

4. Anticipate setbacks

Unlike myself, please know it will not be perfect or even look like you might think. There will be speed bumps on the road to your goals - for sure. Knowing this you should plan and mentally prepare to anticipate setbacks. Use failures to your advantage rather than becoming discouraged. Learn from mistakes, adjust, and move forward. Remember, setbacks happen to everyone and are very common every day, even to the most successful people.

All these years later I’m not immune to problems and challenges - I still deal with them daily, sometimes on a very large scale both personally and in my businesses BUT I’ve transformed my mind I now focus on what I can control, when challenges arise as much as I wish everything could be smooth sailing I roll up my sleeves, I step back and say “ok! this happened… so now what?!” I then make a plan. Give yourself the time to feel the emotion, freak out a little if you need to, but get right back up, move on, find the positives and the lessons from the season you’re in, ask yourself what can you do differently next time and remind yourself that the biggest challenges will always lead you to your greatest lessons and victories.

5. Keep worry in its place

You can play the “what if” game all day long and will never get anywhere. Worrying is “an attempt to control the future by thinking about it.” Focus on what you can control. We are often faced with surprises or unforeseen events, so remind yourself that you are only human and cannot control everything.

Keep things in perspective. Avoid “catastrophic thinking” by reminding yourself of the scale of your worry. For instance, look at the whole "picture", seeing things in their proper relation/proportion to everything else.

6. Take it slow and know when to take breaks

Know when to let up when following your goals and dreams, otherwise, you may face burnout – physical and mental exhaustion and discouragement. Always find ways to rest, relax and recharge.

You know your mind and body best and when you feel as if you are slowing down, that is your queue that a break is needed - whether that means you’re on vacation, at yoga, out at the pool, or mentally checked out for the weekend. Creating these breaks will not only help avoid burnout but will help you to stay motivated, by giving you a sense of reset and recharge which will help to make you more effective.

7. Know your why and keep it as your center of focus

Remind yourself why you are doing this, it’s easy to lose the big picture in the busy everyday life, but if you feel like giving up then try reconnecting with why you are doing what you are doing.

I like to use pictures to keep me visually focused. I like to create vision boards as well as quote boards and have them in a place I see often, which forces me to see it daily. This reminds me of not only why I’m doing it, but the joy of my why even on the hardest of days.

8. Find your hype song

Everyone on my team knows I love a good hype song and I encourage them to find theirs. I may listen to a podcast on my way to a meeting or heading to my business but when I’m about five minutes out, it’s “hype song time.” I turn on a good pump-up song and turn it up! I find this gets me excited, in a good mood and ready to tackle my day. I also find this is great after a long or hard day, it will help snap you out of the worry or stress you may be carrying from the day. Find something that works for you, pump up the music, and get after it.

You got this, give yourself a break, re-route, reset your goals, turn on your hype song but don’t give up! You’ve got the power! ⚡️

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