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HI! I'M Erin

   I'm a wife, mom of three and business owner from San Diego, CA, who against my family's wishes dropped out of college and left the security of my well paying career to go after my dreams. It was 2006, a few weeks from turning the big 21, I purchased a franchise business and would quickly learn, running a business was not going to be the pretty picture I envisioned it to be. From then on, I was challenged in ways I would have never imagined. Determined to make my dreams a reality and become the best version of myself, I pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of in an effort to tap into my highest potential and create the life I envisioned for myself.  


In 2011, I realized that it was time to face my biggest fears, stop settling and become the CEO of my own life. It was then that I made my most difficult decision to date and became a single mom of three babies under 3, and said goodbye to a toxic relationship that held me captive for so long. 


The truth is, I didn't always feel like I had the power, it was quite the opposite. In my most difficult times and in the midst of a relationship I didn't belong in, I felt as if I had no power. I didn't feel I had the strength to run a business or be a mom to three little ones until I realized it was up to ME! In all of my hardships and challenges, I quickly realized that nothing ever got easier, and I ultimately had one option and it was to RISE UP and become the best version of myself, which was up to me to create. I had to dig deep, become my own biggest fan, remind myself of who I was, whom I wanted to become and reflect on my biggest challenges to remind myself that my greatest challenges have always lead me to my greatest lessons and victories.  


Today, I am who I am because of everything I went through - all the victories, all the hard times, all the fights I was fighting, all of the failures and hardships; pushing myself to always give my best in all I do, embracing my struggles and NEVER GIVING UP no matter how hard it gets. 


To my powerful ladies, my desire is for you to tap into the power you have within, you may have already found it, you may still be searching for it or like me, you may feel it doesn't exist. Let me serve as living proof that you are the CEO of your life, you've got the power and you can create the life you want. There will be times where you feel that you don't know enough or don't have enough, or that you can't figure things out. You may feel like it's too much to handle - and just like me, you may be tempted to quit. Just remember, keep going - YOU'VE GOT THE POWER! 


How do you want your life to look?

You're in charge, now it's time to create it... you've got the power!




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